The next generation of Volvo has officially arrived. If you're looking for an affordable way to fit the latest and greatest from the elite Swedish manufacturer, you'll want to pay attention. While we typically think of acquiring new vehicles in terms of ownership, many more drivers are beginning to understand and embrace the power of leasing.

If you're the type of driver that likes to always be on the cutting edge of what the automotive industry is doing and aren't interested in locking yourself into long-term commitments, then leasing a brand new Volvo is the way to go.

At Pedersen Volvo, we offer flexible lease agreements that empower drivers to experience the newest Volvo vehicles as if they were their own. You'll pay only for the amount of time that the vehicle is in your possession, and once your lease is up, all you have to do is drop the vehicle and the key off.

The most prominent benefit of leasing a brand new Volvo is that your monthly payments are a lot lower than if you were to finance the vehicle. This way, you get a brand new vehicle and extra room in the budget to enjoy it fully. The other thing to consider is that your repair costs are assuredly going to be a lot lower since you are driving a brand new vehicle.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by Pedersen Volvo today and see what drivers all around the region are taking advantage of so that they can take their drive to the next level. We look forward to serving you.

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